Kuwait Civil Affairs announces Vacancies in the government sector

The head of the Civil Service Bureau, Dr. Issam Al-Rubaian, revealed the start of the 86th period for registering Kuwaitis seeking work, and to fill vacant positions in government sectors.

The sources reported that registration for these jobs is subject to the laws and regulations of the civil service, explaining that registration is done through the Civil Service Commission’s website portal.csc.gov.kw/ by following the following steps:

1 - Choose employment in government agencies.

2- Choose to register job seekers.

3- Follow the steps required to register.

The Civil Service also clarified that the registration date for the system will start at (12 a.m. - 2 p.m.) from dawn March 1, 2024, to March 15, 2024.

General conditions for registration:

The sources indicated that the applicant must be of Kuwaiti nationality, 18 years of age or older, the job applicant must not be registered with the General Organization for Social Insurance (currently working or insured as an employer or retired), and he must not be registered to study in any of the Ministry of Education’s schools. Or institutes and colleges of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training or Kuwait University.

While it stipulates that for those who have obtained a high school diploma or less without training, a full year must have passed since they left the last job they held in the government apparatus (ministries, departments, institutions, public bodies, or state-owned companies, or in which they contribute no less than 51 percent). %), or employees of the military sector, otherwise it is implemented by submitting documents confirming the passage of one year since leaving government service, upon completion of the necessary procedures at the Bureau.

Civil Service advised every registrant to adhere to the central employment system, and if he is registered with a qualification lower than his, he must update his data by reviewing the Civil Service Bureau Administration - Manpower Registration Department.

The sources continued that “Civil Affairs” excluded researchers who hold university qualifications, diplomas, and training courses issued directly by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training without papers, if they are recent graduates, and if they are not recent graduates, a date will be set to complete the application without the need to visit the Service Bureau headquarters Civilian.

Documents required for registration:

• Registration without documents (without papers) for new graduates from Kuwait University and the Public Authority for Applied Education.

• Certified qualification certificate.

• Experience certificate for anyone who wishes to register it.

• A copy of the civil ID.

The sources stated that nomination for these positions includes a number of criteria as follows, Priority in nomination will be given to those with university qualifications or diplomas registered in previous employment periods and then in the current period according to the following criteria for males and females:

The person with the highest rating for the qualification shall be presented, and if two are equal, the oldest in obtaining the qualification shall advance. However, in the event of two equal, the oldest shall advance, If two are equal in age, the married shall advance before the single.

The sources continued that in the case of non-specialists, nomination preference shall be given to the married male. The divorced person, the widower, then the single person, and the same applies to females.

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