Kuwait Meteorology warns its citizens against changing weather conditions

Director of the Department, Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, stated that the current weather in Kuwait is warm and partly cloudy, with moderate to active southeasterly to southwesterly winds, ranging in speed between 20 and 55 kilometers per hour, filled with dust Scattered rain is expected to fall, sometimes turning into thunderstorms.

Al-Qarawi expected the maximum temperature to reach 28 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature would reach 20 degrees Celsius, and horizontal visibility would likely decrease in some areas of the country, in addition to the possibility of sea waves rising to more than six feet.

Al-Qarawi pointed out that the weather tonight will be cold, and rainfall is expected to decrease, and the winds will be southeasterly turning to northwesterly, light to moderate, with speeds between 10 and 32 kilometers per hour.

The Meteorological Department noted in a weather warning about the presence of wind activity that may reach speeds of more than 50 kilometers per hour, and also noted that horizontal visibility in some areas would decrease and sea waves would rise to more than 6 feet.

Meteorology continued that the duration of the weather warning continues for 9 hours, ending at six o’clock in the evening, as the latest satellite images received at the “Arab Weather Center” showed the movement of thunderclouds towards several areas, especially the Al-Ahmadi and Jahra governorates, and the meteorology drew attention by expecting a rise in water levels On some roads.


Meteorology indicated that changes in wind currents may affect flight paths, or cause delays and cancellations of flights in the country, due to the increase in temperatures leading to the formation of different air densities, which affects aircraft in different weather classes.

The sources added that high temperatures have caused an increase in aircraft fuel consumption, which affects costs and increases pressure on the aviation industry to shift to more sustainability. Therefore, it is important for airlines and regulatory bodies to adapt to these increasing challenges in order to improve flight safety and aviation efficiency In light of climate changes.

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