The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior receives visit requests for specific countries

The Ministry of Interior announced the opening of the door to receive applications for visas and joining a family by residents of different nationalities in Kuwait.

The sources explained that some nationalities needed an exception from the minister, and prior approval before submitting the application, noting that the instructions issued by Deputy Prime Minister Fahd Al-Yousef concern the following nationalities (Syrian, Yemeni, Pakistani, Afghan, Iraqi, Iranian, and Sudanese).

The sources indicated that the application must be submitted by the person concerned himself, according to his residential address on the civil card, and that the transaction will take its normal course like transactions of other nationalities, with the necessity of obtaining regular security approval before issuing the visa.

The sources reported that this step reflects Minister Al-Yousef’s keenness on the need to revitalize the economy, as he explained, “The responsible authorities are very keen to open Kuwait’s doors so that the world can enjoy its beauty and culture, and we have 4 or 5 months in which the weather will be very suitable, He also welcomed everyone who would like to visit Kuwait, as there is no objection to anyone who does not have a security restriction entering”.

The Ministry of Interior also published through its social networking sites that visa doors had been opened for the nationalities mentioned previously, and there is no basis in truth for what was published through other sites that are not related to the Ministry, noting that if any decision is issued, the announcement will be made through official channels of the ministry.

Unified Gulf Tourism:

It is a unified visa approved by the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries at the 44th Gulf Summit last year, which was held in Doha, Qatar, It is expected to enter into force during the years 2024 and 2025 AD, according to the readiness of the internal systems of the cooperation countries.

The sources reported that the project will contribute to facilitating the movement of residents and tourists between the Gulf countries, and will also achieve positive repercussions at the level of the economic and tourism sectors, explaining that the approval of the project does not necessarily mean automatic approval from all countries to allow the entry of the visa holder.

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