The UAE police are looking for three girls and are calling on the public to report them

A very unfortunate incident occurred on one of the beaches of Fujairah, where three girls caused a mother and her two children to be fiercely attacked by a dog who was accompanied by the three girls, causing them to enter the hospital with separate injuries.

Fujairah Police statement regarding the dog attack on a mother and her children

Hours ago, the Fujairah Police launched an extensive investigation into the incident of a dog attack on a Fujairah beach on a mother and her two children, causing them separate injuries, and they were treated in hospital.

On Sunday afternoon, the police received a report from a hospital in the Emirate of Fujairah, revealing that a mother and her two children had been attacked by a dog on the beach, causing them separate injuries.

Three girls accused of endangering the lives of others

In a related context, the police reported that a communication was sent by the head of the family affected by the dog. He mentioned in his communication that three girls accompanied a dog while they were taking a walk on the seashore when his wife and children were sitting on the beach, when the dog surprised them with a fierce sudden attack and caused them many injuries. injuries.

UAE police are looking for the three girls

In this context, the UAE police indicated that specialized police teams have started operations to complete the procedures in order to be able to seize the three girls who endangered the lives of others in order to complete the procedures for referring them to the Public Prosecution, investigating them and taking all legal measures against them.

UAE police are calling on the public to help them

On the other hand, the UAE police in general and the Fujairah police in particular called on members of the public to report to the police if they notice behaviors that may cause harm to others in public places. And the speed of calling the number 999.

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