Urgent Citizens of 8 countries are prevented from entering Kuwait

The number of nationalities banned from entering Kuwait without security approvals has risen to 8, including 5 Arab nationalities.

In the details, the number of nationalities banned from entering Kuwait without security approvals increased to 8, including 5 Arab nationalities, namely Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Iranian, Afghani, Yemeni and Sudanese.

The Kuwaiti newspaper, "Al-Qabas", quoted high-ranking security sources, that the internal disturbances in Sudan are behind this procedure, noting that the procedures related to the Sudanese community, whether related to the features of visit of all kinds, family, tourism, private and commercial, and features of joining a family of different types to the wife and children or A husband over his wife is a teacher, and work visas for the Ministry of Affairs, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, have been suspended.

The sources indicated that this procedure was followed with most of the countries that witnessed internal unrest, and that the goal behind it is due to the fact that a number of communities that occur in their countries unrest and demonstrations, are trying intensively to bring their people to Kuwait through visits, family residency, and residencies on companies, which may Among them are infiltrated persons wanted by the authorities of their country, or elements dangerous to security, which is not approved by the security authorities in order to maintain internal security.

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