Urgent.. Oman suspends studies in some governorates due to heavy rains

The Sultanate of Oman issued a decision to suspend studies for tomorrow, Tuesday, the 5th of this month, in all schools, whether foreign or government, and to continue studies on Wednesday, in order to ensure the safety of its children

The decision to suspend studies came in accordance with what was issued by the Aviation Authority, “the first alert" regarding the expected heavy thunderstorms accompanied by active downward winds, with the possibility of hailstones expected to fall gradually from Monday evening until Tuesday evening.

The Civil Aviation Authority revealed that the rainfall includes all of the governorates of Musandam, Buraimi, North Al Batinah, South Al Batinah, and Al Dhahirah, and extends to include Al Dakhiliyah and Muscat, with rain amounts ranging from( 20-60) mm that may lead to the flow of reefs and valleys.

The Civil Aviation Authority also advised all citizens of the Sultanate, especially citizens of the previously mentioned areas, of the necessity of taking caution and caution during thunderstorms, not crossing valleys, avoiding low places, and not going to the sea during the alert period.

Reports indicated that heavy rains accompanied by hailstones ranging between (20 - 60 mm) will lead to the flow of reefs and valleys, and active winds will blow with speeds ranging between (15 - 35) knots, i.e. approximately (28 to 64 km/hour), with expectations Sea waves rise on the coasts of the governorates (Musandam and the Sea of Oman), ranging in height from (2 - 3.5 metres), and it emphasizes the decrease in horizontal visibility during thunderstorms.

On the other hand, a traffic lecture was held today in the multi-purpose hall in the office of the Governor of Bahla under the title (Driving without a Phone), during which First Lieutenant Al-Muatasem bin Hamoud Al-Tamtami from the Traffic Safety Institute presented and revealed a number of traffic statistics related to the number of vehicles, traffic accidents, their causes, and others From statistics.

The sources revealed that the campaign focused its attention this year on this slogan to translate it into a tangible reality to contribute to reducing the phenomenon of using the phone while driving, which in turn causes many fatal events, adding that the number of traffic violations for using the phone while driving is large.

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