UAE “Vision for Jobs” provides thousands of job opportunities in the public and private sectors

The Emirates Careers Vision platform revealed, on its website, the participation of more than 80 institutions in the public and private sectors, with thousands of employment and training opportunities for university graduates and job seekers.

This came during the Emirates Vision Career Fair, which kicks off today, at the Dubai World Trade Center, and will last for three days. The exhibition, in its session this year, constitutes a center for inspiration, dialogue and cooperation, with the aim of enabling the best young talents in the country to showcase their creative abilities, and heralding the beginning of a new era of national workforce in the public and private sectors.

Technological development contributed to a qualitative leap in the work environment and a re-imagining of the general understanding of the skills needed for modern workplaces. In line with these developments, the main exhibitors revealed their serious commitment to training the leading Emirati talents and providing them with the necessary guidance.

Eman Abdul Razzaq, CEO of Human Resources at Emirates NBD Group, said: “Our commitment to participating in the UAE Careers Fair confirms our firm commitment to localizing jobs, in line with the government’s (Nafis) initiative, and allows work for the Emirates NBD Group through the Rowad and Bedaya programs. The first step towards building a bright future, especially as we are working on developing employee talents starting from the first day, and supporting their professional ambitions in various areas of banking, whether in real estate financing or business and others, such as (LIF) or in one of the digital business fields, such as analytics Finance and Artificial Intelligence.

The exhibition lasts three days, and comes after the UAE government announced an investment of 24 billion dirhams, to appoint an additional 75,000 Emirati citizens in the private sector, within the framework of the 50 projects, which include a series of ambitious projects aimed at strengthening the UAE economy. Private companies are seeking to promote Emiratisation, so that the percentage of Emirati employees will reach 10% of the total human cadres during the next five years. The organization of the exhibition comes at an ideal time, especially in parallel with companies seeking to enhance recruitment efforts, at a time when many employees are looking for new opportunities.

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