Urgent UAE: Human Resources decision for private sector companies due to weather conditions

Companies in the private sector across the country were urged by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to be flexible with their employees' schedules during the season of unpredictable weather.

When it comes to external work sites, the Ministry has emphasized the significance of being cautious and making sure that workers are healthy and safe when they go to and from these locations.

Meeting health and safety regulations in the workplace was also emphasized.

Conversely, the National Center of Meteorology predicts that tomorrow's weather will be intermittently cloudy, with the possibility of rain in certain northern and eastern areas during the day. The night and Wednesday morning will be humid, with the potential for mist or light mist in certain inland and coastal regions, particularly in the west. The wind will be gentle to moderate. The movement is of a moderate pace, occasionally accompanied by cloud activity.

The wind is moving in a direction from the southeast to the northeast, with a speed of 20 to 30 kilometers per hour, and occasionally exceeding 40 kilometers per hour. The waves in the Arabian Gulf are characterized by turbulence, accompanied by morning clouds, which gradually transition to a moderate to light intensity. The initial high tide takes place at 12:15, followed by a further high tide at 04:26, which is also a low tide. The initial occurrence takes place at 09:01, while the subsequent one is scheduled for 21:55.

The waves in the Sea of Oman are characterized by turbulence in the morning, transitioning to a moderate to mild intensity. Cloud cover is also present throughout this time. The initial high tide transpires at 12:23, the subsequent high tide transpires at 00:27, the initial low tide transpires at 18:08, and the subsequent low tide transpires at 07:02.

The forthcoming information provides the uppermost and lowest temperatures as well as the degrees of humidity anticipated in the country for the upcoming day.

City - Great Heat - Minor Heat - Great Moisture - Minor Moisture

Abu Dhabi 25 17 90 60

Dubai 27 17 90 60

Sharjah 27 17 90 60

Ajman 26 18 95 65

Umm Al Quwain 26 16 90 65

Ras Al Khaimah 27 16 85 50

Fujairah 24 16 90 60

The eye 22 14 90 60

Liwa 24 16 90 60

Ruwais 23 17 90 55

Goods 24 17 90 55

Delight 23 16 90 50

Great Tuna 23 17 85 60

Minor Tuna 23 17 85 60

Abu Musa 23 17 85 60.

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