The UAE announces a fine of 2,000 dirhams for violators

The police in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have issued a warning to drivers, advising them not to let passengers perch on windows or thrust their heads out of the sunroof of moving vehicles.

The advice were issued on Friday by the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police Departments in response to a series of traffic incidents that occurred in the previous year. These accidents resulted in injuries to individuals who fell from moving vehicles.

According to Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, activities of this nature not only put the lives of the individuals involved in the incident in jeopardy, but they also put the lives of other people who use the road in serious danger.

Punishment for violating the federal traffic law

He stressed that anyone who violated the Federal Traffic Law would be subject to harsh penalties, such as having their vehicles impounded for a period of sixty days, paying a fee of two thousand dirhams, and receiving twenty-three points on their driving record. The release of a car that has been impounded might cost up to Dh50,000.

In addition, the Directorate of Traffic and Security Patrols of the Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a statement with the intention of encouraging motorists to comply with traffic regulations and the directives given by law enforcement personnel.

Behaviors that lead to a fine

According to Al Mazrouei, behaviors such as sitting on windows or poking one's head out of the roof of a moving vehicle are dangerous and could result in severe injuries, particularly in the event that the vehicle comes to a sudden halt or collides with another vehicle. Such occurrences can also be dangerous for oncoming vehicles, which might result in an increase in the number of collisions.

He emphasized that minimizing the number of injuries and fatalities that occur in traffic accidents is a shared responsibility that calls for the combined efforts of the community and the police. A great number of accidents are avoidable, and the inability to comply with traffic regulations is frequently the cause of these incidents. Al Mazrouei urged the people to work together, to obey traffic laws, and to encourage the adoption of positive behaviors in order to guarantee the safety of travelers on the roads.

Number of violations committed

There were 1,183 offenses in Dubai connected to unsafe driving practices that were documented by the General Directorate of Traffic in the previous year, which resulted in the impounding of 707 automobiles.

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