Abu Dhabi court obligates a man to pay 81,000 dirhams for verifying an account on social networking sites

A court in Abu Dhabi ordered a man to pay a sum of 81,000 dirhams following the verification of an account on social networking sites.

A man was punished in the United Arab Emirates after he demanded Dh61,000 from a social media user in order to'verify' their account.

A court in Abu Dhabi has ordered a guy to pay a fine of 20,000 dirhams.

In addition, he had to pay a fine of twenty thousand dirhams.

Due to the fact that he had requested Dh61,750 in order to'verify' the account of another social media user, the individual has been forced to repay the sum and has been fined.

The victim filed a complaint against the accused, requesting that the sum be returned to them as well as ten thousand dirhams in damages for both moral and material harm. The Abu Dhabi Civil Family Court then ordered the accused to refund the entire amount and imposed a fine of Dh5,000.

An Abu Dhabi court obligates a man to pay a fine of Dh 20,000.

There was a delay in the defendant's return of the given money. In light of this, a criminal complaint was brought against him. After that, the court of criminal prosecution requested that the defendant pay a fine of Dh20,000 and refund the sum of Dh61,750 it had previously received.

Additionally, the court stated that it was the plaintiff's duty to refund the sum that was first awarded to them.

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