Abu Dhabi: Important statement regarding public transport bus tariffs

Tomorrow, the Integrated Transport Center of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi will combine city and suburban services into a single "basic service" with an expanded coverage area and simplified tariff system to improve the public transport experience in the city. The "Basic Service" charges 2 dirhams in addition to 5 fils each kilometer.

The Integrated Transport Center is making continuous efforts to promote the use of mass transportation, meet the increasing demand for public transportation services, and improve coordination between routes to deliver more efficient services across the emirate. This will contribute to environmental sustainability and improve the quality of life in the city. Emirate.

The Integrated Transport Center has extended the coverage of public transport permits to include the "basic service" in all regions of the emirate (excluding cross-city services). The tariff has been revised to offer a bus card permit for 7 days at a cost of 35 dirhams, effective immediately upon purchase. Updated permits will be available for purchase for 30 days starting on February 28, 2024, at a price of 95 dirhams.

Permits operating under the former system will no longer be sold after February 27, 2024. Existing permits will remain valid until they expire, but they only apply within specific zones on the island and do not include the "basic service."

Public transport bus users can transfer between services without paying an additional boarding fee of 2 dirhams if they switch within 60 minutes of their last check-out. They are allowed to transfer twice using a maximum of 3 buses, as long as they do not switch in the opposite direction of their trip route. Inter-city transportation. Transition rules also govern movement between the Abu Dhabi Link service and public transport bus services.

He noted that while transferring between buses and using multiple buses for a trip, the "Hafalat" smart card needs to be scanned both when boarding and when alighting at the automatic payment system at the bus gates to register as a single trip, as per the mandatory guidelines. Failure to swipe the card upon exiting will result in the full bus charge being deducted as the exchange system will not be applied. Failure to swipe the "Bus" smart card when boarding and alighting from all public transportation services can result in public transportation fines.

Low-income families receiving social support from the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority or the Ministry of Community Development can access discounted public transportation permits. For example, a 7-day bus card costs 30 dirhams. 30-day permits are available for purchase at a cost of 80 dirhams, starting from the date of purchase.

This aligns with the United Arab Emirates leadership's aim to become one of the top countries in empowering society and enhancing family stability in accordance with the principles of societal well-being and quality of life.

The center has confirmed that the following categories will remain the same: free annual permits for the elderly and individuals with disabilities, as well as the annual permit for students costing 500 dirhams, all of which will cover the "basic service"for all regions of the emirate (excluding services in cities), and transportation is free for children under ten years old.

In 2023, about 83 million passenger trips were made using public transport buses. At the conclusion of last year, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has a fleet of 825 public transport buses, all equipped with modern features, high fuel efficiency, and ecologically friendly operations.

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