Air Arabia announces the launch of new pre-flight facility in Dubai

According to a statement made on Monday, the launch of Air Arabia's 12th City Check-in facility in Dubai was announced. The airline is the largest low-cost carrier in the Middle East.

Air Arabia Expands Pre-flight Services with a New Dubai Check-in Facility

Air Arabia, the leading low-cost carrier in the Middle East, has announced the opening of its 12th city check-in facility in Dubai, as detailed in a statement released on Monday. The newly launched facility is located at City Centre Al Shindagha, situated in Dubai's Al Fahidi area. It offers passengers the convenience of dropping off baggage and obtaining boarding passes up to 24 hours prior to their flights, with a window of up to 8 hours before departure.

This latest addition to the City Check-in network enhances the customer experience by providing increased flexibility and convenience before embarking on their journey. Passengers have the option to purchase an additional baggage allowance or select preferred seating arrangements outside the confines of the airport.

In a bid to further streamline travel for passengers, Air Arabia plans to introduce a shuttle bus service connecting the Dubai City Check-in location to Sharjah International Airport, facilitating seamless transit between the two destinations.

Operating daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., the new city check-in facility joins a network of 12 such locations across the UAE, offering passengers a hassle-free way to manage pre-flight arrangements. Travelers departing from Sharjah or Ras Al Khaimah can conveniently utilize the Dubai City Check-in facility, while those flying out of Abu Dhabi International Airport have access to a dedicated site in the capital.

Air Arabia's expansion strategy is aimed at simplifying the travel process and minimizing airport wait times, allowing passengers to proceed directly to their flights upon arrival.

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