Announcing that 1,000 drivers have benefited from permit campaigns in the UAE so far

The Dubai Police General Command announced that 1,000 heavy vehicle drivers in the Emirates have benefited from the permit campaigns in the Emirates so far.

In the United Arab Emirates, it has been announced that one thousand drivers have profited from permission campaigns so far.

As of right now, the Dubai Police General Command has reported that one thousand drivers of heavy vehicles in the Emirates have profited from the permission campaigns that have been conducted in and around the Emirates.

1,000 drivers in the UAE benefit from professional permit campaigns

As a result of professional permit campaigns, one thousand drivers in the UAE have benefited, According to Resolution No. (57) of 2017, which was issued by the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai, approximately one thousand heavy vehicle drivers benefited from inspection and awareness campaigns that were organized by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai. The purpose of these campaigns was to enhance and raise the level of importance of possessing the required professional permits issued by the Authority in order to practice this profession. Through the Licensing Activities Oversight Department at the Licensing Agency, the Authority coordinated the campaign with the Traffic Department at the Traffic and Roads Agency and the Drivers Licensing Department at the Licensing Agency at the Authority. Additionally, the Authority worked in conjunction with the Dubai Police General Command to ensure that the campaign was carried out effectively.

Holders of professional driver licenses in the UAE

licensed drivers in the United Arab Emirates who are professionals, One of the goals of the campaign to obtain professional permits for drivers in the Emirates was to educate drivers about the importance of following to the safety regulations for heavy vehicles on the streets. One thousand drivers of heavy vehicles profited from the program, which is a one hundred percent increase from the previous year's total of five hundred drivers twenty-two. A demand for applications for the service of issuing a (professional permit) was also reported as a result of the campaign. For a new heavy vehicle driver), or (renewing a permit for a heavy vehicle driver), as the number of applications for a new permit and renewal of an expired permit reached more than 10,000 in 2023, in comparison to the level of applications received during the preceding period.

Increased permit renewal requests for drivers

A rise in the number of drivers requesting to renew their permits, In the same year as 2022, the number of applications for applying for a new permit and renewing an expired permit reached 4,135, which is an increase of sixty percent. This is due to the fact that these campaigns were concentrated in essential areas of the Emirate of Dubai, such as the streets of Ras Al Khor, Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed, Dubai - Al Ain, Al Maktoum, and Al Khail.

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