Dubai Authority cancels all road tests due to bad weather

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said that Monday's planned road tests for obtaining a Dubai driver's license were canceled owing to the bad weather.

Persistent rainfall resulted in numerous roads being inundated and rendered impassable due to water accumulation. As a result, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) cancelled all scheduled road tests for obtaining a Dubai driving license on Monday due to the poor weather.

Motorists encountered significant challenges navigating through flooded streets as a result of the continuous rainfall since Sunday. In response to these conditions and prioritizing the safety of students and trainers, the RTA made the decision to reschedule all driving tests planned for the day.

One Dubai resident, Fasna Mohammed, shared her experience of having her final road test postponed due to the weather. She expressed her support for the decision and expressed gratitude for the authorities' caution, acknowledging that driving in such circumstances could be dangerous.

The RTA affirmed its commitment to managing the impact of the rainfall on Dubai's roads. Emergency teams were deployed to address the aftermath of the downpour and facilitate the restoration of smooth traffic flow.

Moreover, the transport authority emphasized the importance of heightened vigilance among motorists during adverse weather conditions. They issued a set of safety guidelines, advising drivers to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, adhere to traffic signage, and exercise caution and attentiveness while driving. Additionally, they encouraged motorists to ensure the functionality of their brakes and tires to mitigate the risks associated with wet road conditions.

The cancellation of road tests and the implementation of safety measures underscored the RTA's proactive approach to safeguarding public safety and maintaining traffic efficiency amidst challenging weather conditions.

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