A UAE court fines British tourist DH3,000 for trespassing, verbal assault

A British tourist was freed from detention on allegations of trespassing and verbal abuse following a "expedited ruling" from the One Day Court of the Dubai Public Prosecution.

A British tourist charged with trespassing and verbal assault in Dubai has been freed following a swift judgment from the Dubai Public Prosecution's One Day Court. The Dubai Media Office (DMO) confirmed his release, stating that an expedited ruling had been issued for Ian Mackellar's case. The court imposed a fine of Dh3,000 after considering the charges against the 75-year-old, which included trespassing and verbal assault.

Dubai's One Day Court aims to swiftly address cases involving minor offenses, ensuring efficient justice delivery. Mackellar, a retired economics lecturer, was visiting his daughter and granddaughter when the incident occurred. Allegedly, he approached his neighbors to request a reduction in their music volume and the relocation of their party indoors. However, the situation escalated into a heated argument, resulting in Mackellar facing charges of trespassing and verbal assault.

Following the court's ruling, Mackellar's wife, Carol MacKellar, expressed relief and happiness that her husband could return home.

The UAE's legal framework addresses trespassing and defamation as serious offenses. The law stipulates that unauthorized entry into inhabited or prepared-to-be-inhabited spaces without consent may result in imprisonment for up to a year or a fine of up to Dh5,000. Defamation, another significant offense, carries substantial fines and potential jail time. In a separate incident, Dubai Police questioned a woman for allegedly defaming an employee amid a dispute over car rental fees. The individual was questioned in accordance with legal procedures and released pending further legal proceedings.

This case underscores the importance of respecting property boundaries and exercising restraint in disputes, especially during communal celebrations.

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