Dubai: Good news for those defaulting on rent payments

The signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Endowments and Minors' Funds Management Foundation in Dubai and the Rental Disputes Resolution Center in Dubai has been announced. The primary objective of this agreement is to strengthen and advance collaboration in areas of shared concern, while also promoting community engagement in providing assistance to distressed and affected families involved in rental cases. This collaboration will be facilitated through the establishment of endowment banks.

The signing of the memorandum took place in the presence of several officials from both parties, including Judge Abdul Qadir Musa, the head of the Rental Disputes Settlement Center, and Khaled Al Thani, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Endowments Foundation and Minors’ Funds Management in Dubai.

This collaboration aims to assist certain sectors of society, such as families facing rental lawsuits and legal decisions, by instructing endowment banks to provide support and strengthen social unity among individuals and institutions. The memorandum aligns with the commitment of the Endowments Foundation and the Management of Palaces' Funds to realize the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. The Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Ruler of Dubai, expresses his desire for the endowment to serve as a developmental instrument for emerging communities and an efficient mechanism for improving the ability to address social demands.

Abdul Qader Moussa expressed his satisfaction in collaborating with the Endowments Foundation and Minors' Funds Management in Dubai. This collaboration aims to augment the societal influence of the endowment and facilitate its employment in a manner that guarantees the welfare of deserving groups. This aligns with our societal objectives, which concentrate on providing assistance to disadvantaged families who have been subjected to rental court rulings, thereby promoting the advancement of human values. And endorse philanthropic endeavors.

Khaled Al Thani emphasized the commitment of Dubai Endowments to establish partnerships that would provide assistance to disadvantaged societal groups and segments requiring support. This support would be facilitated through endowment banks, which would rely on comprehensive reports that validate the eligibility of these groups for support. Al Thani highlighted the institution's ongoing efforts to enhance the role of endowment. In order to adequately address the demands of society.

Areas of cooperation between “Dubai Endowments” and the Rental Disputes Settlement Center

According to the agreement, Dubai Endowments and the Rental Disputes Center have identified several areas of joint cooperation. These areas encompass the revival of endowment culture and ongoing charity through the establishment of donation channels. Additionally, the agreement emphasizes the role of endowment in community development and the involvement of individuals in the establishment and development of endowment projects. Furthermore, the agreement facilitates the exchange of information regarding the societal impact of humanitarian and charitable endeavors, as well as the sharing of joint project implementation reports.

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