Dubai residents are exposed to fraud and the police issue important alerts

Due to the fact that the inhabitants of Dubai are vulnerable to fraud, the police have issued significant warnings.

Beggars defraud Dubai residents during Ramadan.

Scams committed by 'beggars' against citizens of Dubai during the month of Ramadan include feigning incapacity and evading law enforcement.

During the holy month, when people are more likely to want to help those who are in need, there is an upsurge in the use of exploitative practices.

According to Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan is held in very high regard. There is a month in which moral deeds, notably charitable giving to those who are less fortunate, are strongly promoted. It is unfortunate that there are some who take advantage of this charity for their own personal benefit.

Methods of beggars defrauding Dubai residents.

There are various methods that beggars use to deceive citizens of Dubai.

Many locals have also remarked that the prevalence of these exploitative practices is higher during the holy month of Ramadan, which is a time when people are more likely to show generosity to those who are in need.

Beggars frequently employ a variety of strategies in order to defraud the locals. In the vicinity of the Yakub mosque in Rigga, I witnessed a disabled individual who was begging while seated in a wheelchair. An individual who lives on Al Maktoum Road named Ateeq Ahmed stated that he frequently assisted both him and his brother, who was traveling with him.

On a particular occasion, however, I remained at the mosque till late at night, and following my prayers, I went for a walk. What I witnessed was so unbelievable that I couldn't believe it. The individual who was confined to a wheelchair was able to walk normally, according to Ateeq, who subsequently filed a complaint with the authorities. I caught them in the act of dividing the money.

In the usual course of events, Abdul Azeez, another resident of Al Maktoum Road, continued his workout regimen after the taraweeh prayers. Jogging by the creek is something he does.

There was a woman sitting on the bench at Deira Creek. As soon as I took a glance at her, I saw that she was in a state of distress, and I asked her if she needed any assistance. Azeez, a businessman in the toy industry, stated that she had informed him that she had not broken her fast and that she had been attempting to acquire some food for the morning.

As I made my way to the café in order to acquire some food, I noticed that she was rushing away just as the police vehicle reached its destination. In addition, I noticed that she did not even bother to pick up the few money notes that fell out of her bag while she was attempting to evade the detection of the law enforcement officers.

Dubai Police issues important alerts regarding combating beggar scammers.

For the purpose of fighting beggar scammers, the Dubai Police Department has issued vital alerts.

In order to combat such acts, the Dubai Police Department has initiated a campaign against begging, which will begin on March 1 and continue until the conclusion of the month of Ramadan.

The goal of the campaign, which was revealed during a news conference held at the headquarters of the police department, is to reduce the number of offenses that are associated with begging.

The police reported an incident in which an Asian woman was arrested while she was holding a child and was observed engaging in begging. During the course of one month, she had amassed more than Dh30,000 by begging in the vicinity of mosques and residential neighborhoods. After being sent to public prosecution, she is now facing legal repercussions for entering the country on a visitor visa, she is currently facing legal consequences.

Dubai Police have issued a warning to the general public to avoid falling prey to beggars who use a variety of strategies to take advantage of people's compassion.

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