Dubai Schools to Reopen from April 1 before Eid Al Fitr holidays

Indian-curriculum schools in Dubai are preparing for the commencement of the new academic year, with students set to return to classrooms starting April 1.

However, this return to education will be brief, as the Eid Al Fitr holidays will soon follow. Anticipated to fall on either April 9 or April 10, depending on the sighting of the moon, this festive period is expected to provide students and their families with an extended break of up to nine days in April, following the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan.

In contrast, students attending international curriculum schools are currently enjoying a three-week break for the Spring holidays, which began on Monday. These students are scheduled to resume classes on April 15, following the conclusion of the Eid holidays.

Principals of Indian-curriculum schools have emphasized that their institutions are well-prepared to welcome new students for the upcoming academic year. The initial week typically involves students settling into their new classes, familiarizing themselves with their teachers and classmates, and adjusting to the school's routines and expectations.

Lalitha Suresh, Principal of GEMS Our Own Indian School, highlighted that their school will adhere to Ramadan timings until the Eid holidays. During the first week, academic and behavioral expectations are communicated, rules are reiterated, and buddy systems are established to assist new students. Generally, no formal assessments are conducted during this period, although subject teachers may administer baseline tests to gauge students' proficiency levels.

The curriculum during the initial weeks includes orientation sessions where students are introduced to their new grade levels and subjects by their teachers.

Sangita Chima, Principal of Amity School Dubai, mentioned that their school will not conduct assessments during this period. Instead, they aim to provide an engaging week of learning before the Eid break, enabling students to become familiar with their new classes and teachers.

Similarly, Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO and Principal of Credence High School, emphasized that this time is dedicated to helping students settle in, build relationships, and become accustomed to the school's daily routines.

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