Good news from Dubai International Airport

The 2023 Dubai Airshow, located at Al Maktoum International Airport, offered views into the future of Dubai World Central and Dubai Airports' strategic plans.

Paul Griffiths, the CEO of Dubai Airports, stated that development and investments at Dubai International Airport have been prioritized to align with the needs and objectives of its clients. This process will persist until all potential capabilities are accounted for.

Griffiths stated that the proposal intends to double the current capacity by implementing advanced technology and renovation to reconsider the utilization of space, resulting in an extra 20 million passengers being accommodated at Dubai International Airport, which now serves 100 million passengers annually.

He noted that the expansion will not only support short-term growth but also allow time to plan for the gradual expansion of DWC. Our projected passenger numbers are 86.8 million for 2023, 88.2 million for 2024, and 93.8 million for 2025. Direct.

Griffiths avoided setting a specific schedule, but in a prior interview with Agence France-Presse in November 2023, he suggested that if the capacity is met, a new airport will be required... This must occur at some point during the 1930s.

Griffiths stated in January of this year that "The DWC presents an exciting opportunity," as reported by CNN. The second phase development represents a significant chance to align with Dubai's overarching goals and growth ambitions by building from scratch.

During a prior meeting with journalists at the air show, Griffith mentioned that plans for the new large airport are currently in production. However, he noted that the three-dimensional model showcased at the event, featuring six parallel runways and three large terminals, is now considered outdated.

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