Obligating a company and a car owner to pay 226 thousand dirhams in compensation to a Gulf resident

The Dubai Civil Court issued a judicial ruling obligating a company and the owner of a luxury car to pay 226 thousand dirhams in compensation to a Gulf resident who bought it from them through an electronic market and then discovered that he had been deceived and that many defects in the car had been hidden by a torturer.

A Gulf resident is entitled to 226 thousand dirhams in compensation from a business and a vehicle owner

A judicial ruling from the Dubai Civil Court mandated that a company and its proprietor pay 226 thousand dirhams in compensation to a Gulf resident who purchased the luxury vehicle from them via an online marketplace. Upon further investigation, the resident discovered that he had been duped and that a torturer had concealed numerous defects in the vehicle.

A lawsuit was filed against an online market and a car seller for defrauding the buyer

A lawsuit was initiated against a car vendor and an online marketplace on the grounds of buyer fraud, A Gulfi was astounded to discover a peculiar concealed flaw in a luxury automobile he had purchased from an Arab via a renowned online marketplace for 210,000 dirhams. Upon conducting an examination of the vehicle, he discovered that its exterior was enveloped in a film that obscured inherent flaws; consequently, he initiated legal proceedings against the market owner, a civil corporation. Due to its expertise in vehicle evaluation and inspection, and in conjunction with the vendor, it verified the car's condition prior to listing it for sale on the online marketplace.

The Dubai Court terminates the contract to sell a luxury car and fines the sellers 226 thousand dirhams

The Dubai Court nullifies the luxury automobile sale agreement and imposes a penalty of 226 thousand dirhams on the sellers, The Dubai Civil Court, upon reviewing the case, rendered a verdict in favor of the purchaser, nullifying the contract and ordering the defendants to reimburse him the sum of 211 thousand dirhams, in addition to awarding him compensation of 15 thousand dirhams for the harm he suffered. The contract was terminated on account of concealed flaws that were not disclosed to the parties. Through scrutinizing the outward appearance of the product for sale, an ordinary person fails to discern its deficiencies; only an expert can discern them; and such knowledge is acquired through experience; as the court determined, following session deliberations, to appoint a specialized mechanical expert; the expert's report concluded that the vehicle at issue in the lawsuit harbors numerous concealed defects, one of which is a malfunction. The primary transmission sustained external structure damage, which was identified subsequent to the removal of the car's cover. This confirmed that the defects were present prior to the purchase, with experience estimating the car's market value and the first defendant company issuing an assessment of the vehicle's condition that is inconsistent with its actual state and reality. Upon acquisition, a sum not exceeding 160 thousand dirhams, contingent upon the local market price, the vehicle's specifications, technical condition, and the supply and demand mechanism; however, an expert evaluation places its value at 130 thousand dirhams, emphasizing the imperative nature of contract cancellation and reimbursement of the vehicle's value.

Fraud against buyers of a Porsche Carrera in Dubai

Phishing committed against Porsche Carrera purchasers in Dubai, The plaintiff elucidated in his lawsuit that he encountered an advertisement on a reputable digital marketplace for a "Porsche Carrera" automobile, which was owned by a company accredited in the evaluation and inspection of automobiles. The seller established the price at 211 thousand dirhams. Subsequently, the buyer initiated communication with the company and conveyed his intention to purchase the vehicle. The company reportedly conveyed the buyer's intent to the seller and furnished the latter with an evaluation and inspection report. In accordance with this report, the plaintiff consented to Having purchased the vehicle for 211 thousand dirhams, he had it transferred into his name, He was subsequently prompted to investigate one of the centers and was astounded to discover that it was plagued by structural flaws and coated with a unique substance known as "Glad." Additionally, he identified additional transmission flaws, some of which were not confirmed by the intermediary company in its report. Since the plaintiff was not exposed to misconduct by what I presented, these deficiencies are exclusively disclosed by an expert.

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