Police announce speed changes on some main and internal roads in the Emirates

The General Police Command announced a change in speeds on some internal roads in the Emirates, as the Fujairah Police announced a reduction in speeds on some roads and an increase in speeds on other roads.

Some of the Emirates' most important routes have had their speed limits reduced, as announced by the police.

The adjustment in speed limits was announced by the General Police Command on parts of the Emirates' internal roadways. At the same time, the Fujairah Police announced a reduction in speed limits on some routes while simultaneously increasing speed limits on other roads.

Fujairah Police announces a change in speeds on internal and main roads

The modification in speed limits on internal and main routes has been announced by the Fujairah Police, After conducting a thorough and in-depth investigation, the Fujairah Police General Command came to the conclusion that increasing the speed limit on Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Road from 81 kilometers per hour to 91 kilometers per hour would be the most effective way to improve the overall level of road safety. In contrast, the speed limit on the internal Murbah Road would be lowered from 101 kilometers per hour to 91 kilometers per hour. in order to better the state of the roads throughout the emirate.

New speeds set for roads and streets in Fujairah

Fujairah has recently implemented new speed limits for its roads and streets, The specified speeds for vehicles on the streets of Fujairah City in the areas of Corniche, Fujairah, Saif Bin Hamad, Madhab, Kuwait, and internal roads were set by radar at a speed of 91 kilometers per hour. On the other hand, the speed limit for the road from the Fujairah Port area to Murbah was set at 141 kilometers per hour, and the speed limit for the street in the Murbah area was also set at 141 kilometers per hour. The speed limit on the Qidfaa Ring Road was established at 121 kilometers per hour, and the radar speed limit was established from the Al Bidiya area street to the Dibba Al Fujairah area at 121 kilometers; the streets of the city of Dibba Al Fujairah were established at 91 kilometers; the Dibba Al Fujairah area street to the Masafi area was established at 121 kilometers; the Dibba

Reasons for changing speeds on Fujairah roads

Reasons for changing the speed limit on roads in Fujairah, We are working to activate plans, programs, and preventive procedures, in cooperation with our strategic partners, and determine the appropriate speed according to the design of each road, with the aim of ensuring the safety of users and improving the smooth flow of traffic, and in an effort to reduce road accidents and reduce loss of life and proper use of vehicles. Fujairah Police confirmed that the goal of changing the speed of internal and vital roads is to reduce accidents and ensure safe access for all of its users.

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