Salik warns Dubai residents of fraudulent emails that steal customers' money

Salik is warning residents in Dubai about fraudulent emails that steal money from clients.

Salik is warning the residents of Dubai about the dangers of scam emails, social media posts, and clone websites.

We requested that customers refrain from clicking on odd links and pop-up advertisements as they could potentially lead to harmful websites.

SALIC warns Dubai residents against fraudulent emails.

SALIC warns Dubai residents to steer clear of bogus emails.

Salik Company, which runs toll gates in Dubai, warned its customers on Thursday to be cautious of clone websites, fake emails, and social media scams that impersonate the company and use its name and logo.

The document strongly recommends that they obtain all of their information solely from official websites and reliable sources.

We are actively working to inform the public about the need to be on the lookout for fraudulent websites, phishing emails, and scams that misrepresent our identities and spread across social media and other platforms.

According to Ibrahim Sultan Al Haddad, Salik's Chief Executive Officer, "We would like to advise customers not to reveal their personal and financial details to these accounts because these are fraudulent schemes run by scammers operating from outside the country, attempting to steal data and money."

Salik has observed a surge in phishing messages over the past few months on various internet and social media platforms. Some of these fraudulent communications make misleading claims that they offer investment opportunities in Salik stocks, giving clients the opportunity to generate a stable income. Other messages, on the other hand, present fake links or websites that allow customers to buy tags or recharge their Salik accounts.

Salik provides customers in Dubai with ways to protect against fraudulent messages.

Customers in Dubai have access to various safeguards that protect them from receiving fake communications from Salik.

Salik has implemented numerous warning measures to safeguard and prevent customers from becoming victims of these fraudulent practices.

You should use https:// rather than http://.Customers have been encouraged by the operator of the toll to establish a secure connection while utilizing URLs beginning with https:// rather than http://, as the former is typically considered to be more secure.

Additionally, it cautioned users to avoid clicking on strange links and pop-up advertisements because doing so can lead customers to other dangerous websites and steal their personal information.

Additionally, the operator has requested that customers examine their official website and communication channels for the latest security enhancements. Additionally, the operator advises customers to confirm the authenticity of messages they receive online that seem to originate from Salik.

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