Sharjah announces raising bus fares due to rising fuel prices

Fuel prices in the United Arab Emirates have increased, and some Sharjah buses have seen their fares go up by as much as Dh3

As a result of a 17 fils rise in the price of diesel this month, the prices for some routes on the Sharjah bus system have increased by as much as Dh3 since Friday (March 1).

Sharjah announces raising bus fares due

According to the ticket matrix that Khaleej Times was able to view, the bus cost from Rolla in Sharjah to Mall of the Emirates in Dubai via Al Quoz has increased by Dh3, going from Dh17 in the previous month to Dh20 in March.

Depending on the destination, the fare for intercity bus route 616 has also increased by up to Dh3, going from Dh8 to Dh10 for shorter trips. On the other hand, the fare for longer journeys has climbed to Dh30, up from Dh27 the previous month.

In addition, the fares for bus routes 112, 114, 115, and 116 have increased from Dh1 to Dh3 in price. Routes 66 and 333, on the other hand, continue to operate at the same prices of Dh6 and Dh10, respectively.

During this time, the Ajman Transport Authority had already announced that the cab fares in the emirate will be increased by four fil beginning on March 1. Cab rate in Ajman has increased by four fils, from Dh1.79 per kilometer to Dh1.83 per kilometer at the present time.

Raise in the cost of fuel

The prices of gasoline and diesel for the month of March 2024 are as follows:

Since February, the price of a liter of Super 98 gasoline has increased to Dh3.03, up from Dh2.88.

The price of a liter of Special 95 gasoline has increased to Dh2.92 from Dh2.76 the previous month.

When compared to the price of Dh2.69 per liter in February, the price of E-Plus 91 fuel is now Dh2.85.

A liter of diesel will cost Dh3.16, which is an increase from the previous month's price of Dh2.99.

However, the price of diesel for the month of March is actually lower by three fils when compared to the price of Dh3.19 per litre in December of the previous year. However, the price of diesel was higher by sixteen fils at the beginning of the year, when it began at Dh3 on January 1.

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