The Meteorological Center report warns of a strong storm hitting the Emirates from Wednesday to Friday

According to the forecast from the Meteorological Center, a severe storm is expected to impact the Emirates between the dates of Wednesday and Friday.

Chance of heavy rains, strong winds in the UAE.

There is a possibility of heavy rainfall and severe winds in the United Arab Emirates from Wednesday through Friday.

It is anticipated that the cloud cover will reduce by night on Thursday, and temperatures will progressively decrease throughout the day.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is expected to see severe rainfall in the next few days, so everyone should be ready for some rainy weather and keep their umbrellas close at hand. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued a weather advisory for the period beginning on Wednesday, February 28, and ending on Friday, March 1.

Over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, it is anticipated that the weather will be cloudy to partly cloudy in a number of different regions across the country. In general, there is a possibility of light to moderate rainfall, and there is also the possibility of heavy rainfall in certain areas, particularly in the northern, eastern, and southern regions. The cities of Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, and Al Ain are included in this category.

Beginning at midday on Thursday, it is forecast that the western regions will have winds that are fresh to strong and that are coming from the north-west. It is anticipated that temperatures will progressively decline on Thursday, and by Thursday night, there will be a reduction in the amount of cloud cover.

An emergency in the Emirates causes rain, winds, and low temperatures.

Rain, gusts, and low temperatures are all side effects of an emergency situation in the Emirates.

The country will be subject to the influence of a surface low-pressure system that originates from the Southwest as well as an extension of an upper-air low-pressure system, as stated in the report. A jetstream from the west will accompany these systems, causing varying levels of cloud cover to flow in from the west on an irregular basis.

On Friday, there will be clouds over certain eastern regions, and there is a risk that convective activity and rainfall will occur throughout the daylight hours.

Initially, the wind conditions are expected to be light and southeasterly, but by noon on Thursday, they are expected to shift to a north-westerly direction. There will be winds that range from moderate to fresh, with occasional strength, particularly over the ocean and in conjunction with cloud cover, which may result in dust and sand being blown around.

It is anticipated that the sea conditions in the Arabian Gulf will be moderate, with the risk that they will become rough to extremely rough at times during the course of Thursday. At first, it is anticipated that the sea conditions in the Oman Sea will be mild to moderate, but those conditions are expected to become rough by Thursday night.

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