The private sector in Dubai announces 70 days of paid leave for the family

In Dubai, the private sector is offering families seventy days of paid leave.

Dubai: This company offers ladies a compensated maternity leave of seventy days.

A number of businesses implement parent-friendly policies to promote a better work-life balance.

A firm in Dubai has announced that it will now offer paid maternity leave for 70 days. Alpha Nero, a retail design and production company, announced that the regulation will go into effect in February 2024.

The company now joins a long list of nearby businesses that offer women longer maternity leave and flexible work schedules in an effort to retain talented employees.

70 days paid maternity leave in Dubai.

In Dubai, maternity leave is paid for 70 days: As a mother of two, I have decided to increase the length of maternity leave at Alpha Nero to seventy full paid days in order to provide mothers with more time to heal, form bonds with their infants, and make sure their families are taken care of. In terms of mother health and happiness, we think this will be a real game changer, stated Severine Hoss, CFO and COO of Alpha Nero.

Duration of paid maternity leave in the UAE.

The length of the UAE's paid maternity leave: Federal government employees are entitled to 60 days off work in addition to the 45 calendar days of required maternity leave in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, lactating new mothers are granted two 30-minute breaks until their child turns two years old.

Maryam Majid bin Thaniah, a member of the Federal National Council (FNC), has put out a proposal to permit working mothers with children under the age of ten to have flexible work hours. She proposed a system where moms may work remotely from home in the second part of the day and at the office for the first half to Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development and the Future.

The CEO of the company, Simon Hacker, stated, "We are a fast-growing, regional company focused on bringing the best to our team, who are at the core of all we do and achieve as a business." Women are extremely important to our organization. They have a voice and lead from every chair in an industry that is perceived as being predominately male. Our method of keeping up our support for women in business is through this new policy.

The company stated that it has a purpose to improve work-life balance for female employees, offering them the opportunity to have rewarding professions and spend adequate time with their families as moms and caretakers in order to prevent the negative effects of burnout. The company is a signatory to the Women's Empowerment Principle.

The duration of paid maternity leave is up to 90 days for employees in some Emirati companies.

Some Emirati enterprises provide their employees with up to ninety days of paid maternity leave.

White Label Media's founder, entrepreneur Shraddha Barot Amariei, stated that all of her company endeavors offer paid maternity leave lasting ninety days. "We also give all working moms options for hybrid work and working from home," the spokesperson stated. We also provide returnship options in addition to this. We aggressively seek to hire women who have returned to work after maternity leave, and women make up the majority of our board across all firms. We provide work-from-home choices and period leaves to all of our female coworkers. Additionally, they are permitted to take time off to organize their wedding and other significant events in their lives, such as their child's first day of school, tending to their illness, experiencing a miscarriage, or undergoing fertility treatments.

Additionally, Tish Tash Communications offers working mothers flexible work schedules, enabling them to work from home during the latter part of the day and from the office during the morning. Fine Hygienic Holding, another nearby business, offers three weeks of paid paternity leave in addition to sixteen weeks of fully compensated maternity leave.

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