The UAE announces the basic steps to recover your lost phone

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority in the United Arab Emirates revealed the basic steps followed to recover your lost phone, and advised, through its publication on its official account on the X website (formerly Twitter), of the necessity of blocking your mobile phone number immediately.

Through its official account on the social platform, the authority demanded the need to immediately contact their communications service provider to block their mobile phone numbers.

Steps to recover your lost phone in the UAE

You must first file a complaint with the police station closest to you, and not report the missing phone to your communications service provider, and follow the following steps:

1- Call 101, or visit the nearest service center.

2- For DU customers, call 155, or visit the service center closest to you.

3- For Virgin Mobile users, open the application and click on the question mark in the right corner of the application, and then click on select the “Send us a message” option, to go to frequently asked questions, and send a direct message through the chat function.

4- When you report your lost or stolen phone, provide specific information, which includes personal details, the time and place you lost your phone, the specifications of your mobile phone, or any other information you can provide.

5- The previous procedures will ensure that your mobile phone number and SIM card are blocked, to prevent unauthorized calls, messages, and data use.

Customer consent to initiate mobile phone blocking

It is noteworthy that once the service provider obtains the customer’s approval, the lost phone will be immediately blocked, according to the public service announcement issued by the TDRA in 2023.

The service provider will immediately add your phone's IMEI number to your phone's blacklist database, and within 24 hours of reporting, your lost mobile phone will be blocked from accessing any network.

After your lost phone is found, it will take 24 hours for the phone to be unlocked, so you can use it again.

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