The UAE fined a resident 5,000 dirhams and imprisoned him due to a traffic violation

The Al-Hamriya Public Prosecution in the United Arab Emirates decided to imprison a resident of a Gulf nationality and fine him an amount of five thousand dirhams due to a traffic violation and causing the lives of others to be endangered.

The prosecution ordered that a resident with nationality from one of the Arab Gulf countries be imprisoned for several months on allegations of knowingly doing an act that would jeopardize the complainant's life.

The prosecution also ordered the resident to pay criminal expenditures, so Al-Khaleeji contested the first-instance verdict, and the Court of Appeal ruled to change the sentence and fine him 5,000 dirhams while requiring him to pay judicial fees.

According to the case papers, the complainant filed a lawsuit in the Hamriyah Prosecution Office, claiming that a Gulf man endangered his life while driving on Maliha Road, approaching his vehicle from behind and failing to leave a sufficient safety gap between them.

As a result, the accused was referred for a criminal trial, and the court of first instance ruled on the aforementioned decision. When summoned to the Al-Syouh Police Station, Al-Khaleeji stated that the whistleblower overtook him and used water on the windshield and brakes unexpectedly, leading him to collide with him. The whistleblower took photographs of the incident and the minimal damage to his vehicle.

The defendant's lawyer, Salem Sahouh, stated that after the court was satisfied that it had taken into account and supported the reasons for the appealed ruling, it granted the appellant a measure of leniency within the limits stipulated in the Crimes and Penal Code, accepting the appeal in form but amending the substance of the ruling.

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