The UAE gives these residents a subsidy to search for job opportunities after the expiration of the visa

The UAE government has announced that certain categories of UAE residents are exempt from completing official procedures and exploring other job opportunities after their visas expire.

Stay for 6 months after the expiration of the visa

The categories of UAE residents who can stay for another 6 months after their visas expire include the following:

  • Golden visa holders.
  • Green visa holders.
  • Widows and divorcees.
  • Students who completed their studies on university or college visas.
  • Skilled professional workers classified by the Ministry of Human Resources.

It is also worth noting that family members of gold and green visa holders in the UAE can also obtain this benefit, and be given exemptions to complete official procedures and explore other job opportunities.

Green residence visa in the UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources in the United Arab Emirates announced the green visa, which is a self-sponsored residence visa that is valid for 5 years.

Residents who wish to obtain this visa are required to meet a number of criteria to apply for a green residency visa in the UAE.

Foreigners can also come to the UAE and be granted an entry permit for a period of 60 days, in order to complete the visa procedures, according to the statement published by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship and Port Security for skilled workers to obtain a green residency visa.

Amending the conditions for obtaining golden residency in the UAE

It is worth noting that the United Arab Emirates recently amended the conditions for the 10-year golden residency associated with purchasing a property, removing the requirement to pay a down payment of at least one million dirhams if the property was purchased with a real estate loan.

Previously, investors had to buy a property worth at least two million dirhams to be eligible for the 10-year, renewable golden residency program, and for properties purchased with a mortgage or installment plan, a minimum of one million dirhams had to be paid to the bank or real estate developer. To be eligible to apply for a golden visa.

According to the UAE newspaper Al Bayan, the first payment is no longer required as long as the value of the property is not less than two million dirhams, and the investor can obtain a golden residency for ten years as long as he buys the property, whether through a mortgage with the bank or directly from the developer, provided that the A statement of real estate payments from the developer or a no-objection certificate from the bank, while government agencies.

According to the report, "Starting from now, if the value of the property is 2 million dirhams, you can obtain a golden visa, regardless of whether it is off-plan, completed, mortgaged, or unmortgaged."

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