The UAE government approves the decision to implement the flexible working hours system

The government in the UAE has approved the decision to implement the flexible working hours scheme. government employees in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates government has approved the decision to implement the flexible working hours system.

UAE jobs: Government workers are permitted to work flexible hours and follow approved working patterns.

This covers, among other things, temporary, part-time, and full-time employment.

A UAE authority has adopted a new framework at the federal government level that clarifies different types of flexible work.

For the public sector, the cabinet decided to implement flexible work schedules and employment patterns. The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) accepted this decision.

This covers full-time, part-time, temporary, and flexible employment, as well as several types of flexible work such as authorized remote work from inside the country, approved remote work from outside the country, hybrid work, and compressed work, according to the Human Resources Law. These are the kinds that, under specific circumstances and under authorized guidelines, federal authorities may award to the employee.

Work schedules that are authorized for UAE government employees.

In a special circular, FAHR announced that, in order to ensure proper implementation and maximize benefits, it will host a series of introductory workshops in February on the General Framework for Employment Patterns and Flexible Work Types in Federal Government.

The workshops are aimed at HR managers and officials in federal entities and ministries.

FAHR emphasized that the framework supports the UAE's plan for governing future labor requirements and guarantees task completion and business continuity for federal institutions during regular business hours.

Employment patterns approved for government employees in the UAE.

It also seeks to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of institutional and functional performance, as well as make it easier to recruit and retain qualified workers by utilizing the latitude provided by federal Human Resources Laws.

This framework is a qualitative addition that strengthens preventative actions, the federal government's flexibility and adaptability in human resources legislation, and the UAE's future directions.

The General Framework for Employment Patterns and Flexible Work Types in Federal Government adopts new and upcoming trends in government work, which has led many institutions worldwide to implement flexible work systems. It also keeps pace with the rapid changes occurring in the work environment, driven by advanced technological capabilities and solutions.

This also supports the "We the UAE 2031" vision's objectives, which center on developing the most innovative and superior system possible by enhancing government performance and developing business models that aid in achieving the best results, boosting effectiveness, and developing the best model for managing human resources and government competencies.

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