The UAE issues Dh200,000 fine for hiring residents without work permit

The Ministry of Human Resources in the UAE announced huge fines of up to 200,000 AED for hiring residents who do not hold official work permits approved by the Ministry.

The Ministry explained that there are many establishments and companies in the UAE that employ foreign workers on a trial basis for a specific period or employ them as auxiliary workers in establishments, adding that it is not legally permissible to employ any violating worker for the purpose of trial to modify his status.

The Ministry indicated that, according to the UAE Labor Law, establishments that commit this violation will be punished with a fine of not less than 50 thousand dirhams and not more than 200 thousand dirhams, for all establishments that use work permits for domestic workers for purposes other than the designated purpose.

The Ministry added that residents who have a work permit approved by the Ministry become covered by the UAE Labor Law, stressing that establishments and companies that employ people who have not obtained work permits are dealt with in accordance with the Labor Law, as this act is considered a violation of the law regulating labor relations between the employee and the employer. Enterprise.

Confirming that it has recently been coordinating with the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship and Ports Security in the UAE to monitor violating workers, adding that if any of the violating workers is caught working for the employer, all prompt legal measures will be taken against him and referred to the Public Prosecution in accordance with Federal Law No. 9. of 2022 regarding domestic service workers and its executive regulations, which permanently prohibits the employment of a domestic worker without obtaining work permits.

At the same time, the Ministry confirmed that any person who recruits unlicensed domestic workers is subject to a penalty of imprisonment for a period of not less than one year, and a fine between 200,000 and one million dirhams, in accordance with the provisions of Article 27 of a federal decree law regarding domestic service workers.

According to UAE federal law, anyone who engages in the activity of mediation or temporary employment of domestic workers in the country shall be punished with imprisonment for at least one year and a fine of at least 200 thousand dirhams and not more than one million dirhams, or both of these penalties. Without a license, in compliance with this Decree Law's rules, executive regulations, and implementing decisions.

The preceding rule also applies to anybody who exploits or misuses the electronic capabilities provided to him to enter the Ministry's systems, or who allows others to do so, resulting in a violation of work processes, relationships, or the Ministry's systems.

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