The UAE issues 4 procedures regarding identity for residents and citizens

It has been determined by the digital government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that there are four measures that should be taken in the event that the Emirates ID card is lost, stolen, or damaged.

The first step: you should go to the customer satisfaction center that is located closest to you and is linked with the federal authority for identity, citizenship, Customs, and port security. There, you should report the occurrence and ask for a new card that has the same uniform identification number.

The second step

once you have reported the incident, you have the option of submitting an application for a lost or damaged allowance through customer satisfaction centers, authorized printing offices, or using the smartphone application provided by the authorities.

The third step

the payment of fees, as the customer is required to pay 300 dirhams in the event that the card is lost or damaged. In addition, the application fee is added by 70 dirhams if the card is submitted through printing offices or by 40 dirhams if the card is submitted "online" through the electronic form on the authority's website. In the event that the customer requests immediate service, the amount of 150 dirhams is added, and the card is obtained from the main Customer Happiness Centers of the authority.

The fourth step

the reception of the identity card, which is followed by the replacement of the card with a validity term that is equivalent to the validity period of the card that was replaced.

According to the report, the authority will send a text message to the customer informing them of the latest developments regarding the application. The text message will also include the anticipated date of receipt. In most cases, a lost or damaged allowance is issued within forty-eight hours of the application being submitted, and within twenty-four hours for customers who submitted an application for immediate service.

Emirates ID card

In a report that was just recently made public, the Digital Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed that in the event that an Emirates ID card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the holder is required to make a direct request to the federal authority that is responsible for identity, citizenship, Customs, and port security in order to receive a lost or damaged allowance.

The authority will halt the effectiveness of the old lost card, and they will provide a stamped certificate that bears the ID number. Additionally, everyone should bring the original of the ID card so that it may be replaced for transactions rather than damaged. This information was provided in the report.

He mentioned that when a customer reports an incident of damage, loss, or theft of an identity card, the customer must make sure to bring the necessary identification papers to prove his identity. He mentioned that citizens are required to present an original passport and family book, and that GCC nationals are required to provide proof of their residence in the UAE. Residents are required to bring their original passport along with the original valid residence visa.

The parent is required to bring the child's birth certificate together with a colorful personal portrait that is set against a white backdrop if the card that was lost or damaged was for a youngster who is younger than 15 years old.

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