UAE officially prohibits the entry of these goods through its airports

Customs in the United Arab Emirates announced a review of the list of goods prohibited and prohibited from entering airports in the UAE. In this article, we will provide you with a list of approved and prohibited products at airports in the United Arab Emirates.

commodities that are prohibited or restricted from entering airports

According to what was announced by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security, the entry of the following is prohibited (live animals, plants, fireworks, weapons, communications devices, counterfeit bills, drugs, publications and pictures that violate public morals and religion, gambling tools)

The entry of goods whose import or export is prohibited by the state itself is usually prohibited in accordance with the customs law.

Among the goods whose entry through airports is also prohibited are goods whose import or export requires obtaining prior permission from the relevant authorities.

Banning the entry of skin care products and electronic cigarettes through UAE airports

It is also one of the items prohibited from entering through UAE airports, given that some well-known skin care products and e-cigarettes may contain ingredients that are classified as prohibited.

Skin care products contain CBD oil, which contains cannabidiol, and this substance is extracted from the marijuana plant.

This substance is also sometimes used to relieve pain. It is a substance commonly used in cigarettes and electronic shisha, and its entry is prohibited and restricted at the airport.

List of prohibited items at UAE airports

  • Processed and home-cooked foods.
  • Publications and books that contradict the teachings of Islam.
  • Publications and books that conflict with the customs and traditions of the UAE.
  • Gambling tools and machines.
  • Goods imported from Israel or bearing the Israeli logo.
  • All counterfeit currencies.

Customs duties in the UAE

The value of customs duties through airports in the United Arab Emirates is about 5% of the value of the actual goods, plus the value of the cost, shipping and insurance. It is also 50% on the value of alcohol, and 100% on cigarettes.

Items that are not permitted on Flydubai flights

  • Hazardous materials that could endanger others or damage the aircraft.
  • Batteries made with lithium
  • Batteries (or battery-powered gadgets) that have been damaged or recalled
  • Items that are prohibited in the country you are visiting or from the animals
  • Skateboard powered by electricity

Prohibition of transporting fragile materials

Items that are classified as unsuitable for transport due to their dangerous or unsafe nature or due to their weight, size, shape or characteristics, or materials that are fragile or perishable.

It is also prohibited to transport cooking oils or any other type of liquid that may cause damage if their containers are broken or their lids are opened.

Electronic and smart gates inside UAE airports

Smart electronic gates at United Arab Emirates airports allow tourists to complete their travel transactions swiftly without having to wait in lengthy lineups in front of passport control kiosks.

They can use the electronic and smart gates, which are self-service and require the passenger to present his passport, the UAE ID card, the Emirates Smart Gate card, or the Emirates Wallet (UAE Wallet).

It also allows customers to activate the Emirates Skywards smart gate card, allowing them to complete the check-in procedures in a smart and smooth manner.

The UAE increases the number of inspection officers per shift

Dubai Customs increased its inspectors to 840 at the start of August, and 77 devices were assigned to inspect baggage, including 58 for large bags and 19 for hand luggage.

Along with some inspection operations support devices, building managers, inspection managers, and team leaders organize field visits to work sites to review progress and coordinate with strategic partners during vacations, holidays, seasons, and annual events.

This decision is likely to increase tourism to Dubai, making the “iDeclare” program upgrade crucial to making it easier for visitors.

Customs fees in the UAE

The value of customs duties in the UAE is calculated if the value of the purchased items is about 1,000 dirhams. In this case, the customs value is taken as 5% of the specified price of the item being transported.

The shipping service, insurance, and cost are also added, in addition to the customs rate on the cigarette, which reaches 100% of its price, bringing the alcohol rate to 50% of its original price.

It should be noted that the customs rate in the UAE is in line with UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 617/7 of 2001, and No. 157/12 of 2002 assigned by the Ministry of Finance and Industry in the United Arab Emirates.

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