The UAE provides free study for international students with covering housing and visa costs

The United Arab Emirates government provides scholarships for education in the UAE for international students. This program allows them to study in the UAE for free, in addition to covering the costs of a visa, housing, and food.

This program is offered by Al Qasimia University Sharjah for international students, but according to a number of conditions and requirements related to the Arabic language.

Mastering the Arabic language to obtain a free study grant in the UAE

It is worth noting that among the conditions and requirements of the program for studying in the UAE for international students is the necessity of mastering the Arabic language, given that some of these courses rely more on the Arabic language as the primary language of instruction.

International students can also register at the Arabic Language Center at Al Qasimia University Sharjah, after which they can continue registering in one of the programs offered by the university.

Apply for a free study scholarship in the UAE online

You can apply for a free study scholarship in the UAE online, provided that you have a passport and national ID, in addition to a certificate of health fitness and a certificate of good conduct.

In addition to the academic certificates and awards obtained by international students in their countries, with the submission of the International English Language Testing System score.

Covering all costs for students wishing to study in the UAE

The program also provides full coverage of all costs for international students wishing to study in the UAE, which includes tuition fees, food, accommodation and books, in addition to housing expenses and a personal salary, with a stipend of 1,000 dirhams upon joining the Arabic Language Centre.

While if you fully join the program, you will receive 15,000 dirhams. Al Qasimia University Sharjah offers many activities for international students.

It is also worth noting that the university also offers a travel ticket to the student’s country of origin after completing 50% of the course, and after completing the study and graduation, you can obtain a return ticket again.

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