The UAE warns residents and citizens of a thunderstorm and bad weather in several areas

Meteorology in the United Arab Emirates issues warnings to citizens and residents of thunderstorms and rain, as well as bad weather in some areas.

The UAE Met Department predicted light to heavy rain in several areas of Abu Dhabi on Wednesday and issued a hailstorm alert for Al Ain.

The UAE warns residents and citizens of a thunderstorm and bad weather

Additionally, brisk to high winds are predicted for Al Ain and the southern portions of the Al Dhafra region by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) for tonight, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Unfavorable weather was anticipated in the Tuesday advisory for Wednesday, February 28, through Friday, March 1.

In the case of hail, residents have been asked to take all necessary measures and to heed the rules and directives issued by the local authorities.

It has also been recommended that drivers take precautions when driving in the rain.

Drivers are advised by the Met Department to refrain from driving unless absolutely essential. If it is not possible to avoid driving, drivers must drive carefully and with awareness. Additionally, it encouraged drivers to use low-beam headlights when visibility is inadequate.

Because of the persistent weather throughout the nation, the Ministry of Interior had already issued an alert. It stated that different degrees of rain and winds, occasionally combined with hail, lightning, and thunder, were now occurring in the United Arab Emirates.

The reduced horizontal visibility advised drivers to use caution and slow down when driving. The authorities also recommended against driving near fast-moving streams and water ponds. Additionally, it advised drivers to park their cars in safe locations far from the hail.

roads covered with white

Large balls of frozen hail pounded vehicles, windows, and surrounding areas on February 12, leaving Al Ain inhabitants to wake up to streets covered in white.

Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman, the nation's most well-known "storm chaser," posted a number of films, one of which showed how the hail really brought out the fun side of the locals, who used the hailstones to build a "snowman" on the ground.

It was the first time that Angel Dumaguit Frias, a Filipino expat who has lived in the UAE for 11 years, has seen ice on the desert, according to another garden city resident.

Not all happiness and pleasure

However, there was some damage and devastation caused by the hailstorm, so it wasn't all happiness and enjoyment.

A few locals had expressed their predicament when they saw damage to stores and automobiles across Garden City from what locals are referring to as a "never-seen-before hailstorm."

An Indian expat who has lived in Al Ain for forty years claimed to have never witnessed a storm of this magnitude.

A 26-year resident of Garden City also commented that he had never seen anything like this and that it seemed like he was somewhere else in the globe.

A local said that between 100 and 150 automobiles on his street in Al Ain's Jahili alone had been destroyed, out of 500–600 total.

A businessman from Emirati claimed to have lost almost Dh5 million after the rain and hailstorm wrecked 47 of his brand-new and used automobiles.

The aftermath left residents dealing with everything from damaged automobiles to no water or power at home.

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