UAE: A traveler was arrested at Dubai Airport due to 20 bullet wounds

At the Dubai Airport, a traveler was taken into custody because they had twenty bullet wounds.

As a result of the lack of purpose to smuggle, the lawyer contends that the bullets were placed in the pocket of the bag that was easily accessible.

Police arrest a traveler at Dubai Airport carrying 20 bullets.

When the police arrived at Dubai Airport, they found a tourist carrying twenty bullets.

After twenty live rounds of 9mm and 22mm ammunition were discovered in the luggage of the 44-year-old individual, who had served in the country for thirteen years, he was taken into custody at Dubai International Airport (DXB) at approximately nine o'clock on October 19, 2012. This occurred after customs agents at DXB Terminal 3 discovered the ammunition.

On the other hand, a 28-year-old customs officer testified that after inspection, the ammunition, which consisted of 16 medium-sized rounds and four small rounds, was operational.

It was stated by the defendant that after leaving the United Arab Emirates for New York with three suitcases, he traveled to a number of different sites before coming back to New York. He forgot about the presence of the bullets when he returned to the United Arab Emirates, and it was there that he made the mistake of placing them in a bag that he had always planned to keep away from the UAE.

He said that his prior military duty in the United States of America qualified him for a handgun license, which is the reason that these bullets were selected for him.

Dubai Court acquits a traveler carrying 20 bullets.

Dubai Court finds a traveler who was carrying twenty bullets not guilty.

The fact that the ammunition was present, particularly in a bag pocket that was easily accessible and not concealed, was brought to the attention of his Emirati attorney, Mohammad Al Redha, as evidence that his client did not intend to smuggle the bullets into the United Arab Emirates. This was done despite the fact that the client denied being aware of the bullets and prohibited their entry into the UAE.

On the basis of the defense attorney's argument, the court found the air traffic controller not guilty and ordered only the confiscation of the ammunition that was found.

During the course of the trial that took place in Dubai Criminal Court, the defendant admitted that he had brought the ammunition without intending to do so, claiming that it was outdated and useless.

On Thursday, a North American air traffic controller who had been accused of illegally trafficking ammunition into the United Arab Emirates and importing it without authorization was found not guilty of the charges.

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