UAE approves New draft law regulating real estate leasing in Sharjah

A comprehensive legal framework has been established to govern property transactions, including buying, selling, and other real estate rights.

For the year 2024, the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC) has authorized a proposed law for real estate leasing in Sharjah. Several amendments were incorporated into the proposed law at the sixth meeting of the first regular session of the eleventh legislative term, which led to this approval.

Dr. Mansour Mohammed bin Nassar, Head of the Legal Department of the Sharjah Government, commended the SCC for completing the legislative process for the draft laws. He emphasized the significance of the current draft law in enhancing Sharjah's gains and regulating the relationship between landlords and tenants in accordance with the city's laws.

Sharjah, being an attractive environment for investors and families, necessitated the establishment of robust laws and regulations to govern real estate transactions, which encompass buying, selling, and other related rights. The previous law, issued in 2007, is approximately 17 years old, highlighting the need for amendments to align with evolving needs and developments.

The proposed law on real estate leasing was emphasized by Khaled Falah Al Suwaidi, Director of Customer Service at Sharjah Municipality. A number of regulatory measures are included in the proposed legislation, he said, with the goal of making Sharjah a more attractive destination for tourists, investors, and homeowners.

The current draft law addresses societal living conditions and consolidates all relevant parties under a comprehensive legal framework that adapts to developments and demands in Sharjah's real estate sector.

Hamad Abdel Wahab Al Qawadi, rapporteur of the Council's Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee, presented the draft law for real estate leasing in Sharjah for the year 2024. The Council, chaired by Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, discussed the draft law and reviewed reports from various government departments involved in its formulation.

During the meeting, members deliberated on the provisions and objectives of the law, aimed at regulating the landlord-tenant relationship. Government representatives provided insights into the legal interpretation of the draft law's articles and aspects of its implementation.

The SCC approved the draft law for real estate leasing in Sharjah for the year 2024 at its fifth plenary session. This marks the second draft law to be discussed by the Council at the onset of its eleventh legislative term. In conclusion, the Council announced that its next meeting would focus on recommendations regarding the policy of the Sharjah Tourism and Commerce Development Authority.

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