UAE authorities closed some food establishments due to cockroaches

Due to safety concerns and cockroaches, the authorities in the UAE shut down a number of food establishments.

Due to safety violations caused by cockroach infestations, two butcheries in the UAE have been shuttered.

It was discovered that they were selling imported meat that was deceptively branded as local produce, which is a violation of food standards.

Due to the fact that they pose a significant threat to the general population's health, two butcheries in Abu Dhabi have been given notice to close their doors.

Abu Dhabi closes some of food establishments due to cockroaches.

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has closed down both Al Ayham Meat butchery, which had the trade license number CN-4292741, and Al Amal butchery, which had the trade license number CN-4860828, both of which were located in Mushrif Mall-Abu Dhabi.

These proceedings are being taken as a response to flagrant violations of Law No. 2 of 2008 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which pertains to food laws, and for potentially endangering the health of the general public.

The authority claimed that the ongoing infractions were the reason for the decision to close the facilities. It has been discovered that both Al Amal Butchery and Al Ayham Meat Trading Butchery have violated the regulations that govern the food industry. There have been incidents of fraudulently labeling imported meat as local produce in order to sell it, which undermines the trust of consumers and violates the integrity of food suppliers.

Additionally, according to Arabic media, the authorities discovered cockroach infestations inside the facilities, which is a clear violation of hygiene and sanitation laws.

The authorities strongly advised the community to be vigilant and report any violations that might take place in food facilities or any issues that might arise regarding the contents of food objects. When individuals have issues of this nature, it is strongly recommended that they contact the toll-free number 800555 on their phones.

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