UAE Cautions Teenagers Against Riding Scooters in Vehicle Lanes

Drivers have reported seeing scooter riders, particularly teenagers, engaging in risky behavior on public roads, vehicle lanes, and residential areas, which puts them at risk of accidents.

They highlighted that such actions create confusion for drivers and elevate the likelihood of collisions, urging families to take responsibility for their children, enhance supervision, and raise awareness about the importance of using scooters only in designated areas.

Abu Dhabi Police, in collaboration with the Monitoring and Control Center under the "You Comment" initiative, recently released a video illustrating the hazards of using electric bicycles (scooters) outside designated zones and without adequate safety measures. The footage depicted teenagers engaging in reckless maneuvers in various locations, such as crossing roads amidst traffic, riding against the flow of vehicles, alongside cars, and within traffic circles meant for vehicles.

Abu Dhabi Police urged parents to oversee their children's scooter use, emphasizing that it should be restricted to designated, safe areas away from public roads and encouraging the use of protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow guards.

Drivers emphasized the importance of collaboration between families and law enforcement to restrict scooter usage on public roads and vehicle lanes, with some advocating for stricter measures and confiscation if found operating in unauthorized areas.

Despite authorities implementing stringent regulations governing scooter use for the safety of all road users, teenagers continue to flout these rules by riding in hazardous locations, posing risks to themselves and others.

Parents bear a significant responsibility for educating their children about the dangers of riding in unauthorized areas, increasing supervision, ensuring compliance with safety guidelines, and promoting awareness of traffic laws.

As part of the Ministry of Interior's "Safe Driving for Cyclists" campaign, Abu Dhabi Police urged the public to adhere to safety guidelines when using electric bicycles, emphasizing the importance of wearing protective gear, staying within designated bike lanes, observing speed limits, avoiding carrying passengers or heavy loads, refraining from using headphones, and obeying traffic signals and regulations.

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