UAE Federal Tax Authority upgrades three services for customers

The Federal Tax Authority has enhanced three of its services for customers in alignment with the UAE’s Service 2.0 approach to government service design as part of the Government Services Quality Charter. The objective is to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of government services, ensuring seamless experiences for all customers.

In a recent press statement, the Authority announced the completion of development procedures for three key services: "recovering value-added tax on building new citizens’ housing," "issuing tax certificates," and "responding to customers’ inquiries to register selective goods."

Among the notable improvements are the reduction in processing time for the "citizens’ tax refund for building their new homes" service from 25 to 20 minutes, with a decrease in steps from six to five, and fields from 35 to 28. The website search feature has also been enhanced, simplifying access to the service and reducing the required fields for application submission by utilizing available digital identity information.

Similarly, for the "Issuing Tax Certificates" service, the number of documents needed has been reduced from six to five and fields from 12 to nine. Notable enhancements include improved website search features, electronic data verification, the option to request multiple certificate copies, digital identity linkage, and digital stamping for certificate authenticity.

Regarding the "responding to customers’ inquiries to register excise goods" service, processing time has been reduced from five minutes to two minutes, with service availability now within two minutes instead of two days. Notable improvements include prompt response to inquiries, eliminating the need to visit partner websites, and providing comprehensive information about Authority services through partner websites.

Director General Khaled Ali Al Bustani emphasized that these enhancements align with the Authority's commitment to international standards and practices. He highlighted the focus on streamlining processes, integrating systems, and improving customer experiences through effective transformation measures, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and service efficiency. Additionally, procedures have been developed for tax certificate issuance to expedite the process and provide necessary certificates for various purposes, such as tax domicile and commercial activities. The chat service has also been enhanced to offer comprehensive information and support for registering selective goods, consolidating services through a single channel for customer convenience.

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