UAE: Food facility closed for selling adulterated chicken in Abu Dhabi

An administrative closure order has been issued against the Abu Dhabi facility known as "Gram Bungla Foodstuff Trading—One Person Company LLC" by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA).

This facility possesses commercial license No. CN-4527013. The infringement of Food Law No. 2 of 2008 and related laws, along with the potential damage to public health, led to this action.

According to ADAFSA, the decision to close the facility stemmed from repeated breaches of food safety regulations. The establishment had previously received two violations and a warning of closure for persistently committing high-risk infractions, including trading expired food items, improper thawing of frozen food items, and selling frozen chicken as fresh. Additionally, foodstuffs from unidentified sources were found, and certain food items lacked nutritional labels.

ADAFSA emphasized that the closure order would remain in effect until the underlying issues were addressed. The facility could resume operations once all violations were rectified, all necessary requirements for conducting business were met, and the grounds for closure were eliminated.

The authority clarified that the closure and identification of violations were part of ongoing inspection efforts aimed at enhancing the food safety framework in Abu Dhabi. It underscored its supervisory role in ensuring that all establishments complied with food safety standards, noting that periodic inspections were conducted on all establishments, irrespective of their nature or food products, by ADAFSA inspectors.

ADAFSA urged the public to report any observed violations in food facilities or express concerns about the contents of food items by contacting the Abu Dhabi Government toll-free number, 800555. This would enable ADAFSA inspectors to take appropriate action to ensure the provision of safe and healthy food for all residents of Abu Dhabi.

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