The UAE announces grants these residents whose earning 15,000 dirhams Green residence

The Identity, Citizenship and Ports Security Authority in the United Arab Emirates has announced the categories that facilitate obtaining green residency according to a number of specific conditions that it has approved, which it will present to you next.

The Authority has established four criteria for issuing skilled workers green cards. The Authority is asked to issue the foreign resident a residence permit to work without a guarantor - a local employer - provided he is a skilled worker, in line with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation's professional categorization and requirements.

Conditions for issuing a green residence permit for skilled workers in the uae

1- He must receive a work permit in the nation and have a legitimate job contract.

2- He must be a skilled worker at the first, second, or third professional level of a vocation classified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

3- The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor's degree or its equivalent.

4- The monthly pay should not be less than 15,000 dirhams or comparable in international currencies.

Advantages of green residency in the UAE

The new green residence system provides significant benefits to family members, since the beneficiary of green residency in the UAE may simply bring in his family members, including his spouse and children. Children's ages have also been elevated to 25, up from 18 years old.

In addition to the ability to bring unmarried girls of any age, children of persons of determination are granted residence permits with their family, regardless of age.

First-degree relatives may be brought in, and the length of residency of family members is equivalent to that of the head of the same family.

Green visa system in the UAE

It is worth noting that the green visa system in the Emirates has undergone significant improvements to the categories that benefit from it, with the goal of attracting investors, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Greater incentives were offered for recruiting family members who already live in the nation, as well as flexible grace periods of up to 6 months after the residence period expired or was cancelled.

This dedication gives UAE inhabitants a greater sense of security and stability.

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