UAE Introduces Process for Indian Expats to Apply for Aadhaar Card

In case you are an Indian resident of the United Arab Emirates and would want to obtain an Aadhaar card to use as identification, the process is straightforward so long as you have all of the necessary paperwork in place.

For Indian expatriates residing in the UAE, acquiring an Aadhaar card as a form of identification is feasible, provided they possess the requisite documentation.

Aadhaar, a centralized 12-digit identification number linked to biometric data, serves as proof of identity, age, and address in India. While NRIs are not obligated to obtain an Aadhaar card, having one can facilitate various endeavors such as opening bank accounts, renting properties, engaging in financial transactions, and navigating governmental procedures, particularly if they plan to reestablish residency in India or extend their stay.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) extends a provision called 'Aadhaar on Arrival' for NRIs, enabling them to obtain an Aadhaar card while physically present in India, necessitating biometric authentication.

Different forms of Aadhaar cards cater to distinct age groups:

  • Fill out Form 1 if you're 18 or older; fill out Form 2 if you're a non-resident Indian enrolling or revising your residence outside of India.
  • If you are a resident or non-resident Indian (NRI) with an Indian address and your kid is 5–18 years old, fill out Form 3.
  • For children of non-resident Indian parents who do not have Indian address proof, Form 4

To embark on the Aadhaar enrollment process, NRIs must adhere to a step-by-step guide:

  1. Booking an appointment: This can be done online via the UIDAI website or offline by visiting an Aadhaar center.
  2. Document submission: NRIs must present all necessary documents in person at the UIDAI enrollment center.
  3. Biometric data collection: Biometric details, including finger scans, iris scans, and a photograph, are recorded at the UIDAI enrollment center.
  4. Card delivery: The Aadhaar card is dispatched to the registered Indian address within 90 days.

Applying for an NRI Aadhaar card requires the following documents: a valid Indian passport as proof of identity and address; a birth certificate for anyone born after October 1, 2023; proof of residency in another country; an alternative proof of address (POA) approved by UIDAI in case an Indian passport is not available; and, for children of NRIs, a valid Indian passport as the only acceptable proof of identity (POI) and proof of address (POA).

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