Abu Dhabi Police caution against electronic platforms promoting fireworks

Abu Dhabi Police issued a stern cautionary statement regarding the hazards associated with fireworks and firecrackers, urging parents to exercise heightened vigilance over their children to prevent them from purchasing or utilizing such items, owing to the significant risks they pose to their safety.

The police highlighted the perilous consequences that fireworks and crackers purchased by children during Eid festivities entail, emphasizing the potential for physical harm such as burns and lasting disfigurement, as well as the distress, panic, and inconvenience they cause to residents, patients, and the elderly.

Authorities observed a surge in online platforms and social media channels promoting the sale of various types of fireworks, with residents noting a spike in activity on these platforms prior to vacations and holidays, evidently aimed at enticing children and adolescents to engage in firework usage.

Several incidents of children sustaining burn injuries due to fireworks exploding inadvertently during use have been reported across the country, prompting ongoing awareness campaigns by the Ministry of Interior to caution against such risks.

Abu Dhabi Police underscored the peril posed by certain social media platforms offering fireworks at discounted rates, exploiting children and teenagers for profit, and urged families to remain vigilant of these dangers during the festive period of Eid al-Fitr, while also warning against illegal buying and selling of fireworks on various occasions.

Moreover, the police highlighted the health risks associated with fireworks, including the emission of harmful gases and substances detrimental to the respiratory system, posing not only a threat to users but also to those in close proximity, potentially resulting in severe burns, deformities, or property damage from fires ignited during use.

Families were urged to collaborate with authorities, adhere to awareness guidelines, and report any activities promoting harmful materials, given the genuine hazards posed by these products. Parents, in particular, were advised to closely monitor their children and dissuade them from using fireworks.

Legislation regarding explosives, as outlined in federal decree laws, strictly prohibits the acquisition, possession, import, export, manufacturing, or trading of fireworks without proper authorization, with severe penalties including imprisonment and fines imposed for violations thereof.

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