Police warns residents in the UAE from these new Common Job Scams

The United Arab Emirates Police Department issued an urgent warning to residents and citizens about the rise of some fraudulent and deceptive websites, as well as the proliferation of some innovative strategies to attract victims in misleading ways.

Some of these fraudulent approaches include making fake calls and sending SMS messages with links to fraudulent websites.

Abu Dhabi Police in the Emirates issued a warning to job seekers about "fake employment" and not believing the lies of fraudsters who take advantage of official occasions and activities to defraud them by creating pages for fictitious companies on the Internet as approved recruitment companies or programs on social networking sites.

They are assigned to pay fees for these false employment, so that their candidates finally realize they have fallen victim to fraud.

The police urged citizens and residents not to share any confidential information with anyone, including account or card information, passwords for online banking services, personal identification numbers for ATMs, security numbers (CCV) or passwords, which banks and bank employees will not ask for. This information is at all.

The police also urged homeowners and citizens to go to the local police station and immediately report any calls from unknown people requesting them to update their financial information by using the Aman service number 8002626.

They can also send the text message 2828 to help the police combat these fraudulent practices and protect society from their risks.

It also urged UAE police to activate security systems to ensure the effectiveness of eradicating fraudulent websites containing electronic codes intended to steal their funds, and to avoid being swayed by imagined attractions.

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