UAE Residents: Renew Permits Faster with Digital Health Insurance Uploads

Electronic uploads of health insurance policies have been launched for resident permit renewals in the United Arab Emirates

The innovative initiative that the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security has been working on to ease the electronic uploading of health insurance plans has officially begun.

The initiative, which is aimed at consumers who are interested in renewing their residence permits, will go into force today (Friday, February 16, 2024), making the application procedure more straightforward and time-efficient.

Electronic uploading

The initiative makes it possible for health insurance policies that have been issued by certified health insurance firms in the United Arab Emirates to be directly uploaded electronically through a secure connectivity with these organizations.

When people apply for the renewal of their residence permits for themselves and their family members, they no longer have to manually submit their insurance policies. This eliminates the necessity for them to do so.

The Director General of the Authority, Major General Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, emphasized that this initiative is in line with the Authority's commitment to removing bureaucratic obstacles in the process of providing its services.

Improving efficiency

Additionally, Al Khaili stated that the action is a direct reaction to the orders issued by the leadership of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and that it is a component of the efforts being made to accomplish the goals of the Emirates Programme for Excellence in Government Services.

Al Khaili emphasized that the initiative's goal is to protect the health rights of all citizens of the United Arab Emirates while also ensuring that they have a good life and improvements in their health and well-being.

Further explanation was provided by the official, who stated that the new project is going to eliminate the necessity that a physical copy of the insurance policy be submitted in order for the service application to be accepted. This will result in a considerable reduction in the amount of time required to provide the service.

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