UAE retailers reduce costs ahead of Ramadan by offering up to 80% discounts

Retailers in the UAE are rolling out numerous offers and initiatives to make Ramadan shopping more budget-friendly, with discounts spanning daily essentials, fresh food, kitchen appliances, and electronics.

Private and government-backed hypermarkets alike are slashing prices by up to 75%, amounting to over Dh100 million in savings throughout the month.

Under the "Prices Lower Than Last Year" initiative, hypermarket chains like Majid Al Futtaim's Carrefour are offering steep discounts of up to 50% on 5,000 different products. To make 100 basic items more affordable for buyers, Carrefour has set aside Dh50 million, which is less than the previous year's prices. Also, out of the more than 2,200 items offered under Carrefour's private label, 60% will be made in the country.

Similarly, Safeer has introduced special offers on more than 600 products, with discounts exceeding 50%. Despite challenges in the supply chain due to regional geopolitical issues, Safer is ensuring product availability for customers.

Lulu Group, another major hypermarket operator, is offering Ramadan savings of up to 70% on various essentials, including poultry, fresh and frozen food, cooking oil, rice, pulses, spices, dairy products, and cooking ware. Government-backed cooperatives like Union Coop and Sharjah Cooperative Society are also joining the fray, discounting thousands of products by up to 75%.

Union Coop has reduced prices on 4,000 items by 50% to 75%, while Sharjah Cooperative Society has allocated Dh35 million to reduce prices on nearly 10,000 items, with 80% of them being essential food products. Both cooperatives are also offering additional discounts and exciting giveaways for shoppers.

E-commerce giants like Amazon and Noon are also partaking in the Ramadan shopping frenzy, with discounts of up to 70% across various product categories. Customers can enjoy savings on fresh produce, cooking essentials, electronics, and more. Amazon is offering deals across international items from Amazon US and Amazon UK via the Amazon Global Store on, with free delivery options available.

Overall, retailers are pulling out all the stops to ensure that customers can enjoy significant savings and make the most of their Ramadan shopping experience.

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