UAE Provides Gaza with 5 Automatic Bakeries

The United Arab Emirates has dispatched five automated bakeries to Al-Arish, Egypt, in preparation for their transfer to the Gaza Strip, as part of the humanitarian initiative "Operation Gallant Knight 3" aimed at supporting the Palestinian population.

This move is in response to the severe shortage of bread in the Gaza Strip amid the current circumstances. Once operational, these bakeries, provided by the UAE, will cater to the daily needs of over 420,000 individuals. With a production capacity of approximately 17,500 loaves per hour each, the bakeries will run continuously, 24 hours a day, with the UAE supplying flour, diesel, and other necessary materials. Additionally, the UAE will cover the wages of personnel overseeing the operation of these bakeries within Gaza.

Rashid Mubarak Al Mansouri, the Secretary-General of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, reiterated the UAE's commitment to meeting the essential needs of the Palestinian people. He emphasized that the operation of these bakeries will significantly help to address food shortages and ease the humanitarian crisis facing the Palestinian population.

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority continues to leverage its relief, humanitarian, and logistical capabilities to strengthen its humanitarian initiatives under "Operation Gallant Knight 3," aimed at supporting the Palestinian population.

It is noteworthy that as of February 17, the total UAE aid provided to Palestinians under "Operation Gallant Knight 3" exceeded 15,700 tons, transported via 162 cargo planes. Additionally, the UAE has established six water desalination plants with a daily production capacity of one million and 200,000 gallons, directly benefiting the residents of Gaza. Bakeries to cater to over 420,000 people's daily needs.

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