UAE Introduces Traffic Signal Drones for Emergency Traffic Management

A novel traffic signal drone, capable of flying to locations of traffic emergencies nationwide, may soon be introduced in the UAE. Representatives of this innovation highlighted it at the World Police Summit (WPS), which started on Tuesday in Dubai.

According to a spokesperson from the Ministry of Interior, the drone can function as a temporary traffic signal in emergencies or when traditional traffic lights malfunction at intersections. While currently in the prototype phase, plans are underway to commence production pending final evaluations.

The three-day summit convenes esteemed law enforcement agencies from 138 nations, including the FBI, NYPD, and INTERPOL. The WPS serves as a convergence point for cutting-edge policing technology, cybersecurity, and road safety advancements. Discussions among global thought leaders encompass various subjects such as crime prevention, forensics, and mobility.

The 3D-printed traffic signal drone boasts a 25-minute operational span on a single charge, providing interim support until police units arrive. The spokesperson expressed optimism about the imminent transition to mass production and the anticipated commencement of testing phases.

Among the array of innovative devices showcased at the WPS, the smart traffic signal drone stood out. Another notable invention was the UAE Sniper, a robotic device developed by the Ajman Police. Operating on air pressure, this device dispenses paintballs to mark suspicious individuals or areas, achieving an impressive accuracy rate of 98% over three months of utilization.

Describing the UAE Sniper as a valuable asset, the spokesperson highlighted its capability to mitigate risks for law enforcement personnel by deploying it to hazardous locations remotely. Equipped with dual cameras and batteries, the device facilitates remote control, with one camera serving as a guide and the other as a sniper camera. Enhancements in the next iteration will include a 360-degree camera for enhanced target identification.

The WPS, hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre until Thursday, March 7, offers residents an opportunity to explore the latest law enforcement equipment. Among the attractions is an e-shooter range by the Ministry of Interior, allowing visitors to engage in a laser gun shooting experience targeting a silicon body.

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