UAE Weather Update: New Low Temperature Recorded at 2.3°C

In recent days, the Emirates has experienced a shift in weather patterns, ushering in cooler temperatures and sporadic rainfall across the region.

As the weekend unfolded, residents awoke to a noticeable chill in the air, marking a departure from the previously mild conditions that had prevailed throughout the week. The onset of March brought with it a notable drop in temperatures, with the country recording its lowest reading of the year at 2.3ºC on Saturday, following closely behind a similarly icy low of 2.4ºC registered at Jais Mountain in Ras Al Khaimah just a day prior.

Across various regions of the country, temperatures dipped to significant lows, with Jabal Al Rahba and Mebreh mountains recording readings of 4.5ºC and 5.5ºC, respectively, during the early hours of the morning. In response to the anticipated inclement weather conditions, residents in Al Ain took preemptive measures to safeguard their vehicles from potential damage, covering them with mattresses, blankets, and carpets as a precautionary measure against hailstorms. This proactive approach followed an advisory issued by authorities, warning of adverse weather conditions and advising residents to secure their belongings.

Looking ahead, the UAE's Meteorological Department has issued further cautionary alerts regarding the anticipated weather conditions in the coming week. According to the National Centre of Meteorology, a surface low-pressure system is poised to impact the region, with forecasters predicting a series of weather events from Monday to Wednesday.

Expectations include varying intensities of rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning on Monday and Tuesday, with a gradual decrease in precipitation forecasted for Wednesday as cloud cover disperses slightly. Additionally, temperatures are projected to decrease, notably in southern areas, as the weather system progresses.

The recent fluctuations in weather patterns underscore the dynamic nature of climate conditions in the Emirates, necessitating vigilance and preparedness among residents to mitigate potential risks associated with inclement weather phenomena.

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