urgent: UAE announces the start of registration for 2024/2025 academic year

The Emirates School Education Foundation announced the start of registration for the new academic year 2024-2025, starting on the 4th of next March, and application will continue until March 15.

MThe Emirates Foundation for School Education has confirmed the opening of registration in public schools for the academic year 2024-2025, starting from Monday, March 4, until March 15, 2024, as the Emirates Foundation for Education is the government body responsible for managing public schools in the United Arab Emirates.

The Emirates School Education Foundation stated that registration will be for specific categories of students throughout the UAE, from the first stages until the twelfth grade.

Categories for which registration is required for the new academic year:

1. New students and newcomers who have not previously registered.

2. Students wishing to transfer from a government school to a private school.

3. Students wishing to return to the Emirates while they are in government schools outside the country.

Rules and regulations for admission to applications for the next academic year:

– Applications are accepted from March 4 to March 15 only.

- The necessary applications and documents are submitted with high accuracy.

– Choose the school to which you are applying based on the geographical location of your residence.

The Emirates School Education Foundation added that registrations can be made through the ESE website or through the mobile application

In this context, the institution confirmed that in order to plan for the future and implement its operations effectively, among other things, registration must be committed within the specified period.

The Foundation noted that registration is available through its website and smart application, and that it is also possible to communicate with the Foundation’s Communications Center for more information about registration and obtaining the necessary technical support. The institution also emphasized the importance of choosing a school located within the geographical boundaries of the student’s residence during the registration process, in addition to adhering to the registration conditions for all educational tracks available on the website.

The Foundation reminded the guardian to follow up and strive to register through the service website, and to provide any missing attachments or papers. The Foundation also called on the parents to provide accurate data and documents to complete the registration process.

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